Every person should be concerned about the workplace and safety. Even if they are not in the working world at the moment. This site is dedicated to this particular topic. It has been developed with the intent of creating more awareness of this important topic. To do this, there have been a variety of topics relating to occupational therapy and health. Some of the topics touched upon throughout the site are:

An about us section

The page dedicated to this topic expands upon the purpose of this site and the status of occupational safety and health currently. It focuses on some of the injuries that prominent in the workplace and the vulnerability of people who are in the working environment. In addition to this, it touches upon other health-related risks in the workplace like those that affect mental health.


It is not uncommon for many people not to give much thought to workplace injuries until it directly affects them. It could be something that directly affects them or their spouse. Many of the workplace injuries that take place can mean the individual injured will lose time away from work. This can affect the entire family, especially on a financial level. The post here brings to mind the types of injuries that are considered to be common in the workplace.


There are several other posts that are dedicated to the awareness of occupational health and safety. There is even an example of one industry that is known for having fewer injuries in the workplace compared to others. Perhaps they could be used as an example for other businesses.

Injuries don’t just take place in industrial settings. They are common in commercial settings like business offices.

Hopefully, this site will encourage readers to be more alert to the potential dangers that exist for workplace injuries.