Jobs Where You Are Likely to Get Physical Injuries

Each year, there are millions of people who get injured at work, and several other people die as they are engaging in their jobs. Globally, some jobs are deemed as likely to have workers get into an accident or suffer work-related injuries. Even though most of these companies have solid occupational health and safety rules, they still suffer from injuries. Some of the jobs where you are likely to get an injury at work include:

Air Transportation Industry

According to recent statistics released by Aviation safety networks, about 6 in every 100 people get injured in aircraft related accidents. Pilots, mechanics and cargo attendants are the ones who are likely to be involved in accidents during repair and maintenance of aircraft. Even though news coverage focuses mainly on major plane crashes where several people have died, many pilots get injured or lose their lives on a daily basis when the plane they are on develops technical issues.

Wood Product Manufacturing

The amount of people who get accidentally injured or those who die in the woodwork industry is huge if the global figures are put together. From the lumberjack to the carpenter and even those who transport the wood, they all seem to be at risk. The number is even higher among younger people, especially those who deal with sharp tools that are used to fell trees or split open the wood for processing. Some of the injuries that people who work in the wood industry are likely to experience include loss of limbs, trees falling on them, accidents during transportation, and hearing loss as they are exposed in areas that have a lot of noise during the splitting of wood.

Media Industry

Over time, it has become much more difficult for journalists to work. They sometimes have to work with aggressive news sources, and some of them get killed in the process. For editors who spend most of their time in the office, just like IT people, it may not be as dangerous, and they are not likely to suffer from physical injuries. In fact, for media personalities who are always at their desks, journalism can be a relatively safe job. Those who are not moving up and about, like people who are working in betting industries like Unibet, always have an easier time. Perhaps the low injury rates at online casinos are what makes them popular among employees. If you have never tried out an online betting site, you should check out the Free Spins with Unibet that is among the popular games at the site.

Nursing and Medical Industry

Ironically, at a place where people are supposed to be seeking healing, nurses are considered to be at risk of injuries. There is a high likelihood of a nurse being attacked by patients, or them getting pricked by needles or even suffering from a fall during work. Those who work with mentally ill patients or people suffering from conditions that cause hallucination are considered to be the ones who are likely to attack nurses. Children are also viewed as violent patients, especially when they are being prepared for intrusive procedures.

Hotel Industry

Those who work in the kitchen are likely to suffer from burn injuries or falls. Since they are always carrying stacks of food, and trying to balance them on their hands, most waiters suffer from fatigue and backaches. Hotel industries are supposed to provide their staff with anti-slip shoes to prevent them from sliding since the oil from the pan often gets to the floor and makes it slippery. They also wear protective gear in their eyes when working with hot oil so that they do not have droplets of oil falling into their eyes and blinding them.

Animal Industry

This applies to those who are working with both domestic and wild animals. Most of them are at risk of being attacked by animals or getting diseases as they handle the animals. Imagine the risk of working with snakes or charged bulls.