About Accessibility

The SOHSA website aims to be as accessible as possible and complies with recognised web standards and even takes into account UK Government guidelines regarding accessibility.

The usefulness of any online resource and the wider world-wide web to disabled users, and our aging users, depends on its' accessibility.

The web promises the idea of universal access - a place where everyone is truly equal. This is a truely bold and exciting aspiration, however if that is to be the case we need to think carefully about what accessibility means. The SOHSA website strives to support all users of the web, making our content as accessible as possible and we will continue to work on our site into the future to further improve access - so please do contact us if you have any comments on usability or future improvements.

We have focused on the following key areas to ensure the optimum accessibility for our content:

Ease of use

This site's layout takes into account users who are visually impaired or have difficulties using a mouse. It is fully compatible with popular screen reading software, and can be navigated easily using just a keyboard [see Access Keys].


The pages are built using valid and wherever possible semantic XHTML; CSS and Javascript are then applied to add design and behaviour.

Standardised Structure and Layout

The entire SOHSA website follows the same layout and navigation structure to further improve Ease of Use and allows users to quickly acustom themselves to the website.

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