Common Causes of Injuries at Work

There are a lot of work-related accidents around the world, and nobody is safe. The important thing is to know where and how you are likely to get injured at work so that you can be careful. For employers, identifying the areas where the employees are likely to get injured helps with coming up with occupational and safety rules that help in ensuring members of staff are safe. Some of the injuries that employees are likely to suffer from are as follows.

Slips and Falls

This is one of the most likely incidents where people can get injured. It does not matter whether it is an office setting or they are working in a factory. That is why every building must ensure the floors are not slippery, and any spillage is dealt with immediately. Cleaners should always be on standby to deal with spills. The other risk is falling off, especially from ladders for people who are working in heights. To avoid serious injuries, people who work in heights should have protective gear such as helmets.

Muscles Strains

For people who are in the lifting industry, the chances of getting a muscle strain are higher. This is common among messengers and porters. As employers, there is a need to sensitise workers on proper lifting techniques and the posture they should assume when lifting. Muscle strain is also common among people who sit for a long time, such as those whose jobs revolve around sitting on computers. It is important to master the perfect sitting posture so that you do not suffer from backaches and other health complications.

Repetitive Strain Injuries

Also known as RSI, these are injuries that happen when someone is exposed to the same environment every day. For people who use computers and are always hitting on the keyboards, they are likely to develop pain in the arms and fingers, and may even get headaches and vision problems from staring at the screen for too long. It is encouraged to take regular breaks to avoid this kind of strain.

Falling Objects

This is a problem that is common for people working in construction sites or warehouses. Such workers always have to mind their heads for fear of something dropping from above and hitting them. It is also a big challenge for people who work in crowded environments where items are stacked together, such as supermarkets or loading zones. To avoid this situation, employers should ensure workers are dressed in protective gear and that the workspace is spacious enough to allow for easy movement.

Collisions and Crashes

For companies that handle a lot if fleet or have drivers moving around, the risk of collisions and crashes is higher. To be safe workers should properly train drivers about the best practises while using the road. They should also have intense training on how to handle emergencies in their field of work. They should also take precautions such as ensuring they are always wearing seat belts.

Cuts and Lacerations

If your company deals with sharp tools like saws and knives, then your employees are at risk of being cut and injured while on duty. The most common reason why people suffer from cuts at work is lack of training and experience. It is important for employees to ensure they have mastered the art of using sharp tools before they start operating them.